A story of innovation and adaptation

Our number 1 goal is to bring you affordable but yet effective medical therapies for your skin.

We are a team of healthcare professionals and cosmetic product researchers. Our team has previously developed and manufactured facial products for other mainstream brands you commonly see in the market.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, our friends and families were unable to leave their place to seek skin care treatments routinely done at aesthetic clinics.

Not knowing when this pandemic might be over, we started researching into alternative therapies that can achieve similar purposes but yet be done in the safety of our homes.

Come LitePlus+. We developed a face mask that can achieve similar results to conventional therapies such as ablative resurfacing laser therapy, chemical peeling and dermabrasion.

In fact, we believe that it does a better job!

At the core of its function, our face mask harnesses a biological mechanism called photomodulation to bring you the best possible skin! Trust me, our families, friends and even healthcare professionals love it!


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